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Growing together

We help you to create stronger connections with people who matter, be it your employees, users, business partners, or investors. Because shared experiences plant seeds for growth opportunities!

We create shared experiences that suit the needs of:

VC funds & Accelerators

VC funds & Accelerators

Expand your network and gain more credibility by meeting face to face with your LPs, partners, and portfolio companies.

Startups & Scale-ups

Startups & Scale-ups

Strengthen your team, develop your company culture and keep growing by creating meaningful ways for teams to meet and collaborate.

Corporates & Government

Corporates & Government

Connect with the startup and tech scene in a meaningful and sustainable way by creating events and activities that suit your goals.

What we do

Our story

This usually starts with, our founder working 9-5 at the evil soulless corporation, and then one bleak afternoon leaving the office had a light bulb moment on how to change the world or do whatever else that is not soulless, bleak, and boring. This is not our story. Our story is more like years and years of work and experience gathering and observing and listening to the community about what is lacking, what is needed, and what can be beneficial. Also a lot of fun along the way and a lot of mistakes and fails as well as not-so-bright and proud moments. Was there a lightbulb moment? Oh yeah, actually there was! When our founder found out that this angel, unicorn startup wonderland exists and she realized she wanted to be part of it. As she engaged more with this environment, she developed a passion for community building and event organizing. It took years of working in the field until the leap to make this company a full-time commitment. We are also not sure you, our potential client, care about our plans to be the biggest and most successful event organizer in the universe or whatever goal mentioned here would convince you to work with us. Not even sure we want to be. Honestly, all we want is to do what we love the best we can. And have tons of fun on the way while making an impact on our clients' lives. Our success is when you tell us that you, your clients, employees, partners, and whoever is in your community left the event feeling more connected, with an enriched network, with time well and valuably spent, with new things learned. How we will achieve that? It's up to you, as we don't have one format fits all or some magic receipt for your success. We will first understand what you want to achieve, and what's your style and vibe. After that, anything is possible as we can make the craziest ideas come true, but only if that makes sense for your goals. NB! The only thing we don't do is boring, talk with us about the rest.

Marta Upeniece


crazy idea generator

She is behind the scenes making sure things work, be it this website, hotel reservation for the offsite, or catering for the event, she got our and your back!


Ieva Felman


CEO & Founder

Passionate about helping to build better ecosystems and stronger communities for the startup and tech scene close and far, that would create a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

Business Bear

Non-virtual assistant

Business Bear is taking care of arranging calls and answering emails while humans are away. They will also be sharing their stories on social media when participating in events and offsites.

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